Jo Stromgren Kompani at Abrons

Here is the NY TIMES review. Okay – so trust me – this is not b/c I’m pimping for PS or for Abrons. This is because I think Jo Stromgren is the friggin’ shit. I have seen The Convent, The Hospital, The Department and The European Lesson. I have seen them in Philadelphia, Groningen and Edinburgh. I have partied with the chicks from Convent (and Hospital) and let me tell you, those Norwegian gals know how to have a good time. Hell yeah. I can’t wait to see The Society.

But more importantly than the fact that Norwegian chicks are hot and freaky – is the fact that this is some great theater. Stromgren explores the dynamics of small groups in confined spaces, creating “nonsense” language that references a specific region. Combining choreography/physical theater with absurdist language and a biting, satirical take on the human condition, you could not ask for a more satisfying night in the theater.

I remember seeing The Hospital at Aurora Nova in Edinburgh and just feeling speechless, astonished, absolutely floored, by what was unfolding in front of my eyes. It was revelatory and stunning. We all see tons of physical theater – rarely do you have the opportunity to see something as wonderfully, thoughtfully and intricately composed as the work of Jo Stromgren.

There are discounts out there – big discounts. Henry Street is a 300-seat house, it is not going to sell out. So go. GO!!!!! GO SEE THIS FRIGGIN’ SHOW!!! YEAH, I suppose you could dump a pile of cash on BAM and go see ETHEL’s Truck Stop or the Icelandic Woyzeck with Nick Cave music – but I have seen those and I guarantee that Jo Stromgren will be better. And cheaper. For shizzle.

So go check it out. This weekend only!!!

3 Responses to “Jo Stromgren Kompani at Abrons”
  1. Evan says:

    I’m heading there tonight! I love Stromgren’s note to the audience: “Don’t panic, the performers do not even know what is being said on stage. ” That’s actually kind of comforting.

  2. Dana Marie says:

    So happy I caught them! So impressed, and laughed lots. Their physicality and comic timing was percolated to perfection. Make mine a double.

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