…and the Eagles don’t suck, either.

The current mayor of Philadelphia, Michael Nutter, is making some smart decisions in his approach to arts policy in his city. For one, he re-opened the Office of Arts and Culture just after taking office (former mayor John Street – yeah, the guy whose team was so corrupt the FBI bugged his office – closed … Continue reading

Culturebot Couture and more…

okay i am going  out of town for a few days. will try and post. hopefully some of my Culturebot colleagues will pick up the slack. in the meantime, i suggest you take this opportunity to visit the new Culturebot Couture and Kitsch Cafe to satisfy all of your Culturebot outfitting needs*: *All proceeds go to … Continue reading

Homeland Insecurity

Just got a note from Ant Hampton about a very troubling development in the UK. Apparently they’ve caught a nasty case of Homeland Security-itis: The Home Office recently introduced new restrictions on international artists and academics visiting the UK for talks, temporary exhibitions, concerts or artists’ residencies. Visitors now have to submit to a series of … Continue reading

Haggadah Rocks.

Okay. So long story short. Some of you saw my lecture at JTS (I will post the video soon) where I demonstrated how The Wooster Group’s Hamlet was more Jewish than The Folksbiene Yiddish Theatre’s staging of Gimpel Tam. Trust me, it makes sense. Basically, the idea is that the Talmud (see picture below) is … Continue reading