video of the day: Pilobolus + branded culture

Given the conversation lately around merging high and low culture, I think it’s appropriate to take a look at Pilobolus — a company with 30+ years of artistic acclaim in modern dance that added a Creative Services branch in 1997. So in addition to creating new work, touring, holding workshops, etc, they provide branded artistic content for works as diverse as Twisted Yoga books, a live performance for IBM, and, perhaps most famously, their shadows work for a variety of brands, including the 2007 Oscars:

Here’s another really interesting example – “behind the scenes” look at an ad (which is of course also an ad in itself) for Ford Canada:

I’ve seen the Pilobolus co-founders and artistic directors speak a number of times, and they are remarkably succinct about the development of this branch of the company: people came calling and they wanted the challenge. Keep in mind also that the Creative Services and other branches of the company, to my understanding, lead very different lives – often with entirely different dancers.


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