Wooster Collective’s new database

The latest entry in some interesting branded culture offerings we’ve been looking at recently comes from Marc and Sara Schiller of the Wooster Collective – the sprawling online catalog the Schillers have run since 2001 that captures ephemeral street art around the globe. (And yes, Wooster Group lovers, they live on the same street.)

Heads up for all you visual artists:



Over the years, as the Wooster site has grown in popularity, almost on a weekly basis we’re contacted by brands and companies from around the world looking for our thoughts and recommendations for artists and designers for a range of amazing projects, both commercial and non-commercial.

We’ve never had a good comprehensive database to tap into to connect artists with opportunities that come our way.

Given the current economic environment, we thought now is the time to put together, as comprehensive as possible, an informational database of all the incredibly talented Wooster artists that we’ve featured on the site (as well as those who we haven’t). With the database we can then more efficiently recommend artists who are interested in being considered for commercial projects.

If you’re an artist interested in being included, please download the attached form, fill it out, and email it back to us at woostercollective@gmail.com

Then when we’re contacted by companies looking for artists, we’ll have the information handy to make recommendation when appropriate.

If you have any questions, let us know.

Here’s the link to download the information sheet: Download: Wooster Collective Creative Database Info Sheet


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