Komm’N’act presents Rencontres //02


The new Komm’n’act Festival, Rencontres //02, initiated by Lou Colombani, starts next week in Marseille. It aims at providing a platform for young European artists in performing art.

From their website :

Is it possible to create something which is common without the other person becoming you?
Fusion and contradiction of the social body

This fundamental question led to the launch of Rencontres //–, whose objective is to develop professionalization of young artists in Europe, through better mobility across the territory, the share of experiences and the creation of networks of artists among each other and with European structures and organisations.

Challenging the idea of a real cultural unity in Europe, Rencontres //02 offers to share experiences while respecting and valuing cultural diversities, and claim to be a place where artists meet, experiment and reflect together.

The program includes :

Via negativa, performance, Slovenia
Maria Ibarretxe et Alaitz Arenzana, dance/video, Spain
Pipo Tafel, video, Germany
Inês Jacques et Eduardo Raon, music, Portugal
Doris Uhlich, dance Austria
The kisses cause trouble, performance, France
Ana Martins, dance, Portugal
Charles-Éric Petit, performance + video, France
Benjamin Bodi et Samuel Zarka, dance/performance, France

More about the program at : http://www.komm-n-act.eu/


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