Coming up in Holland


I asked my friend Floris van Delft, a yound Dutch director, to tell me what’s going on in the Netherlands these days. Here is his report on upcoming festivals :

In May we have Festival aan de Werf. I will be showing Rechter Kan Niet there, a show about the legal system. It’s in Utrecht. A lot of locations through the whole city. A lot of focus on experience theatre (ervaringstheater). So very sensitive. Rmini Protocol is coming this year, from Berlin.

In June there’s the Oerol Festival in Terschelling, one of the Dutch Islands. Great festival with 10.000 visitors in 10 days. Show on spectacular sites and very intimate sites as well. I will be performing there with PeerGrouP and Firma Rieks Swarte. Performance called Waai. About the wind. Something between an exhibition and a performance.

In June there’s an interesting festival as well in Linz, Austria, the Schäxpir Festival. Nothing to do with Shakespeare, they say. A friend of mine is doing a show there called Rumor at the train station with actors in the regular train station crowd. I hope I get to see it.

In July/August there’s a Festival De Karavaan in North-Holland (the province where Amsterdam is). A mix between street theatre, community art and site specific theatre pieces. Could be interesting.

And at the end of August there’s Noorderzon Festival. One of the best theatre festivals in Holland, I think. The atmosphere is very special and there’s a lot to see.

Thanks Floris !

One Response to “Coming up in Holland”
  1. schughes says:

    In Amsterdam there’s also the Holland Festival, June 4-28. Lots of different shows going on all around the city. I’ll be there June 8-15, on tour with Elevator Repair Service’s “The Sound and the Fury”…if anyone’s in town, get in touch…

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