Nick Hallett Does Meredith Monk


“hey hey…

i’ve been in the new museum theater space since monday with my collaborators preparing for tomorrow night’s performance of music by Meredith Monk. Travis Chamberlain (whose whole idea this residency was in the first place) shot this video of me rehearsing and edited it into a trailer for the residency…

yes, there is an embarrassing “eh paesan!” moment at the end here (which i will now prevent myself from doing in the future), but what you don’t see is the incredible stage design by Brock Monroe, which uses my musical instrument–the wineglass–as a lens, transfiguring pure light into floating, aqueous projections…

if you haven’t experienced a performance of Meredith Monk’s Our Lady of Late (or my interpretation), please do drop by the museum tomorrow night. there’s something about what it transmits live–the combination of glass sounds with the voice–which is so unique and unearthly…. i’ll be joined by Peter Sciscioli and Emily Eagen, who will blow you away with their incredible performance of duets from Monk’s Facing North plus Miguel Frasconi, who will play the glass percussion solos….

$10 tickets are still available by emailing

then please come back again, and again…..and again! each thursday at 7pm is a different concert connecting the voice to multimedia ritual. i’m promising four very different takes on the idea…

Every Thursday in May at 7pm
At the New Museum theater
235 Bowery (at Prince)
Tickets $15 (unless you RSVP at the address above for $10 tix):


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