Andy for Mayor 2009?

Should I run again? I’ve already got the domain name and it just seems silly that Bloomberg should run virtually unopposed.

My platform would include-but not be limited to- the following ten points (after the jump):

  1. Free Subways – mayoral oversight of the MTA
  2. affordable housing for the middle class
  3. health insurance for all and/or access to medical care for all
  4. Free public wi-fi
  5. Greater oversight of public spending – less wasteful spending on outside contractors and better use of our existing, qualified,union, government workers
  6. More open and democratic process of school reform
  7. public/private partnerships to enhance civil society, not to build stadiums; increase the role of arts and culture in civic life.
  8. gay marriage equality
  9. Web 2.0 initiatives to increase government transparency and citizen participation in government.
  10. Promote small business and start-ups through incentive programs

I have a vision for this city to revitalize its economy for the 21st century, to promote innovation, create a green city and make us less dependent on Big Finance for our tax base.  If enough people vote for me to run, with your help, I’ll flesh out the platform more using Web 2.0 technologies. Transparency, accountability, inclusion, innovation. INNOVATE NYC!

4 Responses to “Andy for Mayor 2009?”
  1. Fiffe says:

    Yes, definitely do it!

  2. Not Bloomberg says:


    While I totally sympathize with your impulse to resist Bloomberg’s autocracy, I think you shouldn’t run but should use that time and money to find more actionable, productive ways to realize and promote the issues of your platform.

    Or instead of running against him as some kind of principled impossible task, perhaps you could find a way to work on his team to promote your agenda and pull him in the direction of your community’s interests?

  3. Andy says:

    I have been thinking a lot about this and agree with “Not Bloomberg”. The question is how to most effectively get these issues on the table. What are the actionable, productive ways? I don’t have any money so its hard to get a seat at the table. And while I would certainly like to sit down with him and put the arts, culture, ideas + technology agenda out there in a coherent way, I’m not interested in giving time and energy into his re-election campaign.

    I think the point of that YouTube video is to demonstrate that he really doesn’t seem to be interested in listening to anybody that doesn’t have the money to pay their way into government.

    I want to see a greener, more innovative, networked NYC with a thriving middle class, a Jane Jacobs NYC for the 21st Century.

    Bloomberg is more of a Robert Moses guy, I think. Which is a shame.

    Trust me, if I thought there was a remote chance I could have a thoughtful, mutually respectful conversation with the mayor, I would be thrilled.

  4. Breuk says:

    Andy, I love your platform. I’d vote for you.

    Just a point on the green issue, which I’m sure you’re already aware, Bloomberg is actually one of the greenest mayors in the whole country, as evidenced by our hybrid busses and taxis ( He was bold enough to bring up windmills, and we saw how he was mocked for that. There are certainly problems with Bloomberg, especially the wealthy, out of touch thing he has going on, but I do give him credit for keeping a RELATIVELY green frame of mind.

    And again, I would vote for you!

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