©oPirates by Richard Siegal & Multinatural by Arto Lindsay

We’ve been talking about interdisciplinary collaborations – this looks like a good one:

Richard Siegal / The Bakery will premiere ©oPirates
in the context of Multinatural (blackout) by Arto Lindsay

photo by Francesco de Luca / Heads ©2009

photo by Francesco de Luca / Heads ©2009

©oPirates is a mutating march for 16 dancers organized internally as characterized by Siegal’s evolving If/Then Methodology. The title takes its inspiration from the duality of cultural synthesis, evoking both Co-operation and Intellectual Property issues. In a series of recreations and distortions, the dancers will “bring home” and further advance the cultural hybridization that resulted from the 18th Century contact between Jesuits and Sierra Tarahumara of Mexico.


Multinatural (blackout) by Arto Lindsay is made in collaboration withFondazione Claudio Buziol
June, 5 – from 6pm – Biennale Giardini
As part of the 53rd International Venice Biennale “Making Worlds”

Choreographer Richard Siegal
Architect Peter Zuspan
Musicians Melvin Gibbs, Kassin, Marivaldo Paim
Costumes design Corso di laurea in Design della Moda, Università Iuav di Venezia, Cattedra Claudio Buziol (directed by Maria Luisa Frisa/coordination Amanda Montanari)
Curator Andrea Lissoni
Coordination Anna Kristina Skaar Olsen

Featuring Carlos Casas and Sebastien Mari – artists in residence/Fondazione Claudio Buziol

Corso di laurea in progettazione e produzione delle Arti Visive, Università Iuav di Venezia (directed by Angela Vettese)

With the additional support of
• Mrs. Gabriela Lademacher
• Mr. Paulo Pimenta
• ACACIA – Associazione Amici Arte Contemporanea

Thanks to
• Fondazione Antonio Ratti, Como
• Mrs. Marie-Rose Kahane
• Teatro Fondamenta Nove, Venice
• Städelschule, Frankfurt
• CTR Giudecca, Venice
• Conservatorio Benedetto Marcello, Venice
• Grégoire Basdevant

Costumes’ fabrics and items kindly supplied by
• Piave Mailex
• Archivio Bonotto
• sinv


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