Los Grumildos at HERE

We hear good things about this: (video NSFW!)

From the HERE website:

Grotesque. Charming. Sordid. Tiny.

Los Grumildos are automated puppets, miniature beings that skulk about a world somewhere between Victorian dollhouse and red light district. The brainchildren of Peruvian artist Ety Fefer finally land in North America at HERE Arts Center, after four years of touring catacombs, suburbs, festivals, and bars in Europe.

This voyeuristic experience was inspired by the characters that inhabit the shady areas of downtown Lima, Peru. Fefer creates a kind of magical world that serves as a home for these marginal creatures that tend to be rejected and despised by society. The hyperrealist details of each plasticine puppet bring out their most intimate feelings, but the narrative is left to the viewers.

A 30-minute self-guided tour. Half-installation, half-kinetic theater. $7 only. 6 nights only.

July 28-August 2, 2009 at HERE.

One Response to “Los Grumildos at HERE”
  1. Agatha Rutherford says:

    This exhibition is something out of this world!!
    Don’t miss it!!

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