Philadelphia’s New Paradise Laboratories is working on a new project, FATEBOOK. Here’s the description from the website:

A performance theatre work presented by the 2009 Philadelphia Live Arts Festival. The performance is live, both in cyberspace and in real-space. The audience attends in both places.

Follow thirteen 20-somethings through the trials and tribulations of modern life—with a difference. First, the characters live in cyberspace. Their lives intersect with each other and with audience members through a variety of social media networks. Then in September, in a real space performance, it all careens toward a momentous night—the FATEBOOK party—where time stops, computers crash, and it’s now or never. And the ghost and the body part ways. And all bets are off. And nobody can say what’s real. And relief is in sight. And all matter collapses in on itself in a punishing gravitational catastrophe. And the lights go out for good. And it all gets really, really real…

I can’t quite tell how its all going to play out … but we’ll find out when it premieres at the Philadelphia Live Arts festival in September!


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