Artforum and e-flux call for papers

Artforum and e-flux are pleased to announce the launch of the Art & Education Papers archive, a new global platform for sharing and distributing research and knowledge in the field of contemporary art.

A&E Papers aims to exponentially widen the accessibility and reach of art-historical and critical discourse by hosting a free online platform for the publication and exchange of texts on modern and contemporary art. Art historians, students, critics, and artists alike will have the opportunity to gain access to a far greater and more focused readership than conventional publishing allows, while also enjoying unlimited access to a deep archive of scholarly writing by and for Art & Education’s rapidly growing audience, which currently comprises an international network of more than 70,000 visual arts professionals and academics. At a time when the distribution of many forms of knowledge remains confined to small conferences, private seminars, or specialized academic journals, we believe that the broad distribution and exchange of ideas is key to increasing dialogue in all aspects of art production, criticism, and history.

In order to build the A&E Papers database, we are now calling for either new or already existing scholarly articles from around the world. Texts should be comprehensive, research-based articles focusing on topics in 20th century and contemporary art. Texts may be culled from conference papers, seminar papers, dissertation chapters, etc. We ask that you submit pieces anywhere from 2,000 words to approximately 10,000 words and include a 100 word abstract and full contact information (or publication information for previously published texts). All submissions will be considered for publication on the website.

Please submit articles by email to and consult the website for further information and updates:

Art & Education is a collaboration between Artforum and e-flux.

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