What Would You Do?

Okay – seriously. Most of my readers are artists, arts workers and aficionados.  What would you do to fix things? What would your perfect arts and culture world look like? How would you get more people excited about arts and culture and attending the arts? I know that is an incredibly broad question but I’m curious to know what people think are the biggest challenges/problems and what they would like to see happen to make it better? Please, please, please – give us your thoughts in the comments….

4 Responses to “What Would You Do?”
  1. whygreenberg says:

    Get government and corporate funding out of the arts.

  2. ellerigby says:

    I wish the modern/post modern dance and dance theater/performance art scene wasn’t so incestual. I just told someone, “I wish NYLON magazine would write about hip dance shows going on.”

    Marketing for dance has to break its cycle – I’m bored by it. I want dance/theater/performance art to be accessible to people, even if it’s only in print – or on a blog. I’m not interested in bad rehearsal video footage posted on a poorly upkept blog with no insight into the artist. I want to see artists be more innovative in their marketing minds, or hire someone to be innovative for them.

    The latter, of course, is said, with no concern regarding how broke most artists are.

  3. whygreenberg says:

    Also, and this is not necessarily in response to ellerigby’s comment:

    Stop thinking of art in business-model terms. Stop thinking of art as something to market. Artists should not be required to be business-people in addition to being artists.

  4. Adam Quirk says:

    Mosts artists throughout history have been required to be business-people.

    If the rest of society uses money as store of value, why should art be different?

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