Orchard Project Residency Applications Online Now

The Exchange announces it is currently accepting applications for The Orchard Project’s 2010 Summer Residency Program taking place June 2010.

Founded in 2006, The Orchard Project has quickly become one of the nation’s foremost institutions championing the development of new plays and musicals by providing artist residencies to today’s most dynamic and influential theatre companies. In the past three years, it has hosted companies and artists as diverse as Moises Kaufman and Tectonic Theatre Project, London’s Royal Court, The Public Theatre, Pig Iron, Naked Angels, Elevator Repair Service, Edge, New Georges and many others. The Orchard Project has played a significant role in the development of new works which have since been or will be produced on and off Broadway and at theatres such as Arena Stage, St. Anne’s Warehouse, PS122, the Edinburgh Festival, La Jolla Playhouse, Yale Rep, the Royal Court and more.

The Orchard Project operates a residency program in beautiful upstate NY commencing just after Memorial Day and running through July 4. Throughout residencies, theatre and dance companies, artists and teams are provided room, board and rehearsal space for up to 10 days. Residencies are intentionally designed and scheduled to encourage cross pollination of ideas and talents. This unique intermingling is the cornerstone of both the Orchard Project’s success and its mission – enabling world class companies and artists to learn from each other through collaboration and conversation.

The Orchard Project accepts people – not projects. Companies, teams, writers, directors and any other generators of new work of theatre and dance can apply. To apply for a residency, it is required that you complete a short questionnaire about your previous and upcoming work and how the Orchard Project can uniquely support your development. NO SCRIPTS NEED TO BE SUBMITTED. This initial application is due no later than December 21st, 2009 and is available at www.exchangenyc.org.

One Response to “Orchard Project Residency Applications Online Now”
  1. marcland julien says:

    hi i would like to make a residence for the creation of my new project “Sur l’oubli” “Oblivion” at the edge between installation and theater and we would like to create and performed it in france and in united states could you help me or give me some advices
    i made already severals shows in france i am in ny for a show until the end of march and i have with me the application for “sur l’oubli” i will be glad if you be able to give me an appointment when you want

    best regards
    julien marcland
    belles absentes company

    you can call me on 9173495719 or use this email

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