Women’s Project loses NEA Funding

Just got an email that the Women’s Project lost its NEA funding. From Susan Jonas’ email: No theatre is more significant in terms of its historic commitment to this mission. The theatre has survived some rough times and has come through administratively and artistically, especially after this last wonderful show. And think of the many … Continue reading


From our pal Travis Chamberlain: What is it?  A nihilistic comedy!  The dans macabre of Francis Bacon’s obsessions evolves into a birthday party hosted by a cult of existential underwear models. With Erin Markey, Max Steele, Rick Herron, Joseph Keehn, and Jen Hammaker as Innocent X, the theremin-playing pope!  Plus a dance corps of men … Continue reading

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    • Шутка, насмешливое слово часто удачнее и лучше определяют даже важные вещи, чем серьезное и глубокое изучение. https://t.co/47PrQXlOZo 7 months ago
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