From our pal Travis Chamberlain:

What is it?  A nihilistic comedy!  The dans macabre of Francis Bacon’s obsessions evolves into a birthday party hosted by a cult of existential underwear models. With Erin Markey, Max Steele, Rick Herron, Joseph Keehn, and Jen Hammaker as Innocent X, the theremin-playing pope!  Plus a dance corps of men wearing nothing but their underwear and a strip of bacon.


Saturday, 11/14 at 8pm

Food For Thought

Danspace/St. Mark’s Church

2nd Ave and 10th St. (Manhattan)

Tickets are $10 at the door

Or $5 with 2 cans of food—hence “Food For Thought”

One Response to “HEAD VI + 2(X)IST AT DANSPACE, 11/14 8PM”
  1. Travis says:

    Hey Culturebot, thanks for posting this! Very excited about the show. Here’s a little more info for the bold and curious:

    HEAD VI + 2(X)IST
    Six degrees of Francis Bacon.

    HEAD VI is the title of a famous Bacon painting: http://digitalrightsmanifesto.files.wordpress.com/2009/03/head_vi.jpg

    And 2(X)IST is the name of a brand of underwear: http://www.2xist.com/flashsite/default.asp

    This performance is what happens when you create a pun that combines the existential themes in Bacon’s work with underwear ads that exclusively target a gay male audience—and then you push that pun to faux-religious extremes.

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