On The Boards TV Coming Soon!

Major breaking news for contemporary Live Art afficionados. According to the On The Boards website:

Want to watch that artist you read about in the NY Times on your iPod while flying cross-country? Want to show your aunt in Racine, WI that kick-ass performance by Tanja Liedtke from OtB last spring? Are you too cheap to see a live performance, but want to stay culturally hip? Do you like contemporary performance better when you are sitting around in your pajamas? Are you an insomniac?

In early 2010 OtB will launch OntheBoards.tv, the first-of-its-kind online pay-per-view series offering high quality and hi-def, full-length OtB-style performances. We’re creating the live art equivalent to the museum catalogue, providing access for those not able to see a show due to scheduling, geography or cost, and giving art fans the opportunity to revisit a favorite piece again and again. OtB.tv will also host extra features like podcasts, audience blogs, artist voices and other contextual information. Filmed at OtB, as well as at peer theaters across the globe, the performances in this new initiative will present a snapshot of the best new works in dance, theater and music. OtB.tv, funded with seed money from The Wallace Foundation Excellence Awards, allows us to test new ground and determine the best ways to record live performances, ensure artists are paid for the distribution of their art, and give new audiences the chance to experience contemporary art.

Launching January 21st at http://ontheboards.tv/

There’s  a press conference today that I unfortunately can’t attend. But i’m sure we’ll all be hearing more about this soon.


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