“Revolving Twilight” and Abby Man-Yee Chan at The Chocolate Factory

Last night, video installation artists Lauren Petty and Shaun Irons bid farewell to their multi-channel video and sound installation at The Chocolate Factory with a live performance by NYC/HK dance artist, Abby Man-Yee Chan .  “Revolving Twilight” has been in the basement of the LIC theater since early December and was extended until last night.  My experience was of immediate submersion, both from the subterranean locale and the immersive sounds and lights.  With four projectors, several cameras and tv monitors, chalked drawings on the walls, tables with various nautical items, a hanging spyglass, and piles of salt, the artists have created a space that feels haunting and homey, like the captain’s quarters at dusk (oh, or maybe twilight, duh) on a long, cross-Atlantic voyage.

I was particularly held by a video projected onto a screen set inside an old shaft that runs from the basement up into the theater space.  The shaft still has two old, weathered doors and with a ghostly image of Leslie Kraus (with her stunning red hair) shaking inside it, the effect is beautiful.  Later, when Chan stands inside the shaft and the projected video hits her body she begins to glow with a snowy pattern and bears a ghostly arm across her chest.  The live performance was a pretty effective integration of dancer and installation with Chan moving through most of the different spatial environments, handling materials from the tables, and chalking the floor.  Chan veers from ghostly girlishness to sophisticated malaise with ease.  She strikes a stunning figure throughout and strengthens the tonal quality of the images and sounds that surrounded all of us.

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