Ford Foundation’s Supporting Diverse Art Spaces Initiative

Another exciting news nugget about the Ford Foundation’s new initiative:

In addition to helping arts groups build new spaces and renovate and expand old ones, the latest initiative aims to encourage the construction of affordable housing for artists in or around some of these spaces and to spur economic development in their surrounding areas.

Read the rest in the Times.

One Response to “Ford Foundation’s Supporting Diverse Art Spaces Initiative”
  1. gloria pacis says:

    The Monroe Arts Center at 720-Monroe St. Hoboken, New Jersey has declared bankruptcy with debtors in possession. My boyfriend has an art studio there. The building is the cultural hub of Hoboken which is just across the Hudson River from Manhattan. I am reaching out to any one who can help rejuvenate this situation.
    My cell is 973-449-7263.
    Monroe Center: 201-795-5000

    Will send more numbers later. I greatly appreciate your time and your support for artists.

    Thank You,

    Gloria Pacis

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