Isherwood on “Odd Man Out” Syndrome

It is not often I agree with Isherwood, but this article is a great analysis of an all-too-common syndrome:

“Am I missing something?”

If you attend the theater with any regularity, chances are good you’ve had the occasion to inwardly ponder that question at least once in the course of your culture-consuming adult life. You may also have found yourself asking it aloud, of a companion, as you hurtle toward the bar at intermission, or even hissed it, sotto voce, during the show itself. The query, usually arising with a prickly feeling of insecurity or mystification or angst, is a byproduct of a common but little-discussed cultural phenomenon: the odd-man-out syndrome.

Read the rest in the NY TIMES.

One Response to “Isherwood on “Odd Man Out” Syndrome”
  1. Evan says:

    Thanks for sharing! I had a terrible case of this syndrome a few weeks ago when I saw Deborah Hay at Danspace. After all the pre-show hype and post-show applause and awe, I left feeling bewildered, annoyed, and scratching my head. Once in a while, though, it’s sort of refreshing to be the odd person out.

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