STEIM at Japan Society

On Saturday, May 8 @ 7:30 PM, Japan Society presents a concert featuring renowned artists associated with the Amsterdam-based electronic sound and music laboratory STEIM (Studio of Electro-Instrumental Music).  For forty years, STEIM has fostered international collaborations between composers, musicians, engineers, installation artists, DJs and VJs in a breeding ground for the creation of high- and low-tech musical tools for live performance.

For this concert, STEIM’s Artistic Director, Takuro Mizuta Lippit (a.k.a. dj sniff) has assembled a lineup of groundbreaking international artists from STEIM’s roster including: Yutaka Makino (Japan/Germany), ABATTOIR (U.S./Netherlands), Digital media composer Yannis Kyriakides (Netherlands) and guitarist Andy Moor (U.K./ Netherlands).

Experimentation is key here, with the musicians using cutting-edge technology and instruments to explore new sounds while pushing the boundaries of innovation.  A one night only concert showcases an array of international artists who specialize in the fusion of technology and live performance, while related events offer talks and demonstrations providing the opportunity for a firsthand “hands-on” experience.


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