Fusebox Talks: Action Hero

In conjunction with the 7th annual Fusebox Festival, a contemporary art and performance festival that takes place in Austin, TX each April, culturebot.org presents Fusebox Talks, a series of interviews and podcasts with the select artists from the festival. The first podcast is with England’s Action Hero at the Austin Museum of Art; interviewed by Ron Berry with question by Timothy Braun and Savannah McAnally, recording by Michael Bartnett.

You can listen to the podcast here:

Action Hero makes live art and performance that seeks to use audiences as collaborators and co-conspirators.  They are interested in creating work that links audiences together and unifies them as part of the live event, building a temporary community. Their process has been defined by necessity: a raw aesthetic has become central to our work.  Whilst exploring the epic, we create performance that is intimate, distinctive and invigorating.
Action Hero is a collaboration between artists Gemma Paintin and James Stenhouse.  They have been making performance together as Action Hero since 2005, and live and

2 Responses to “Fusebox Talks: Action Hero”
  1. Andrew Lee says:

    Around the 20 minute mark, they list off some of the writers and blogs they read. I caught Ant Hampton and Chris ??

    Here’s the Ant Hampton blog:

    What were the other blogs? Anybody catch them?

  2. actionhero says:

    just found this sorry….

    the other blog is Chris Goode which you can read here:


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