Come Out and Play!

This looks like a lot of fun! The Come Out & Play Festival is coming to Brooklyn in 2010. The festival will run June 4-6, 2010 in the Park Slope and Gowanus Canal neighborhoods of Brooklyn, New York. The Brooklyn Lyceum will be hosting the 2010 festival.

From the website:

Each year the Come Out & Play settles in a different neighborhood and explores the limits of play and games in that space. We’ve played among the galleries of Chelsea, played amidst the thriving nightlife of the Lower East Side and navigated the throngs of tourists in Times Square. This year the festival lands in Brooklyn to explore a new set of challenges. We will explore the potential for play in a converted 100-year old bathhouse. We will find ways to engage a residential neighborhood like Park Slope with games. We will discover the playful uses of a post-industrial swath of warehouses and canals like Gowanus. And we’ll make games from the rich texture of a historic public cemetery like Green-Wood.

For more information visit


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