AT&T Rips off Christo?

Have you seen this commercial?

If you read the fine print it says, “The artists Christo and Jeanne-Claude have no direct or indirect affiliation or involvement with AT&T.” But is that really sufficient? What do you think?

3 Responses to “AT&T Rips off Christo?”
  1. theparsley says:

    Outrageous? I think so. Rip-off? That’s my opinion. But I would love to hear from an actual legal expert with experience in the arts about whether or not there would be any legal remedy for the artists, since the ad doesn’t actually copy the work exactly.

  2. Megan Bennett says:

    Wondering what the artists have to say. I find it funny that our society has become so litigious that people who are, like at&t, completely unaffiliated with the artists are up in arms and ready to sue. Jeez, relax. Not to be ultra defensive or representative for at&t, I’m honestly not concerned with their position, but if they have stated that the commercial wasn’t the work of the artists then yes, that’s enough. Especially if the artists haven’t decided to sue.

  3. Dana Marie says:

    As a disappointed AT&T customer, I resent this ad. It’s a lie! Maybe if they used the money towards actually improving their coverage instead of organizing unoriginal expensive to produce commercials they would be better. (the similarities to the Christo Gates project are undeniable)

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