Dixon Place’s HOT Festival Line-Up

This year marks the 19th anniversary of downtown’s most action-packed festival of LGBT-themed performance – The HOT Festival at Dixon Place. The festival starts on Saturday June 26 with a kick-off party hosted by Anti-Diva’s Liz Liguori and Jessie Mann from 6:30PM to 1AM in DP’s new lounge.

There are WAY too many performances to list completely here but I have a few festival picks:

Tuesday & Wednesday, June 29th & 30th – 8pm $20/$50 TWEED FRACTURED CLASSICKS presents PIC-UP New York’s favorite demented theater company presents a sick, (yet reverent!) homage to the classic “PICNIC”, the 1950’s play and movie about small town life. Legends Julie Halston, Sweetie, Steve Hayes, David Ilku, Jody Lennon, Bradford Scobie, Clark Beasley, Greg Wallach, and Jay Rogers weave a twisted tale of passion, shame, love, and of course, twisted family values. Don’t miss this rare treat to see all of these beloved stars in one night – the stage may explode from so much talent! $50 tickets include priority seating and two cocktails.

Fridays & Saturdays, July 2, 3, 9, 10, 16, 17, 23 & 24 – 7:30 PM $10 (advance sale), $15 (at door) VERTititGO Everyone’s favorite schizophrenic nut ball Dynasty Handbag returns to Dixon Place with sleuthful vengeance as “Detective Bags”, on the hunt for a missing woman–or is it every woman? …Or could she be the very woman she is looking for? Find out in this explosion of noir inspired mind melting performance art. Dynasty Handbag (AKA Jibz Cameron) Creative Consultanting by Kate Valk (Wooster Group)

Thursday, July 15th – 7:30PM $10 (advance sale), $15 (at door)

Tuesday, July 20th – 10PM FREE in the Lounge
It’s the ultimate NYC drag show… on videotape. Spanning over 50 years of footage, this annual video mash up explores and celebrates the faces and places, past and present of the City’s vibrant heritage of male and female impersonation. All new and never before seen footage.
Directed by Joe E. Jeffreys Featuring Mario Montez, Zondra Foxx, Rose Wood, Dina Martina, Flloyd, Vaginal Davis, Ivy Winters, Jackie Beat, Mimi Imfurst, and many, many more

Wednesday, July 21st – 7:30PM $10 (advance sale), $15 (at door)
A dance series showcasing four short works on a shared bill. Curated by Jack Ferver Featuring choreography by Benn Rasmussen, Ryan Manchester, Max Steele, Darrin Wright, Tyler James Ashley

Friday, July 23rd – 9:30PM $10 (advance sale), $15 (at door)
About a girl who had to become a drag queen to learn how to become a woman. The true story of Miss World Famous BOB. An evening of hysterical & heartbreaking storytelling. Written and performed by World Famous Bob Directed by Kate Valentine
Gowns by David Quinn

Thursday-Saturday, July 29th, 30th, 31st, Aug. 5th, 6th, & 7th – 7:30PM $10 (advance sale), $15 (at door)
Scotty Heron/Hijack Dance present SMITHSONIANSMITH
Smithsoniansmith is a lovely, lo-fi, sci-fi mess. Dancing sculptors, builders and architects in the midst of a sexy, violent play. Performers courting the radical edge of dance, edge of trash, edge of decency. When everything has fallen apart Smithsoniansmith rises from the dust. Choreographed and performed by Scotty Heron and HIJACK Dance (Kristin VanLoon, and Arwen Wilder)
Lighting by Heidi Eckwall

Tuesday & Wednesday, Aug. 3 & 4 – 7:30PM $10 (advance sale), $15 (at door) Holly Hughes and Dan Hurlin present THE DOG AND PONY SHOW (BRING YOUR OWN PONY) A comic meditation on the questions that dog us: What is the sound of one lesbian clapping? Written & performed by Holly Hughes Directed by Dan Hurlin

One Response to “Dixon Place’s HOT Festival Line-Up”
  1. Gerry Visco says:

    Dear Andy:

    I’m sure I’m not as famous or important as the other shows in the Hot! Festival but I guarantee a good time will be had by all. I’ve been reading your blog for several years and naturally I’m devastated you neglected to include me in your round up. I guess Gerrification doesn’t turn you on. But I suggest you show up and I’ll make you one of the converts, the Gerrified, who are enjoying their lives and working toward the bigger issues in the world like crime, poverty, illiteracy, and depression. Gerrification attempts to eradicate all of these problems.

    The description is below. Again, I am not as classy or a big shot like some of those other performance artists. I try to do my best and I may even be incompetent. But I suggest you and your readers come to GERRIFICATION. it’s sweeping the nation and improving the planet.

    Thanks and hope to see you soon!

    Gerry Visco

    Tuesday, July 27 at 9PM, $10 (advance sale), $15 (at door)
    “Gerrification” is a comic play and dramatic performance piece revealing the secret strategies Gerry Visco used to became truly fabulous. Narrated by the author, selected scenes in the hagiography will illuminate Visco’s life and her inspiration to improve the planet via Gerrification, an anti-gentrification global effort designed to bring joy and beauty to America and the world by making people dress like her. Let’s face it, we could all use a makeover.
    Written/Directed/Performed by Gerry Visco
    Performers: Gio Black Peter, Jennifer Blowdryer, Christina Ewald, Fritz Donnelly, Herra*C, Louis Jordan, Katie Madonna Lee, Taylor Derwin, Cole Nahal, Rob Ordonez, Stefanos Tsigrimanis.
    Special guest: Joseph Keckler.

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