Global Orgasm Project

Maia Marinelli‘s Global Orgasm Project is a multimedia performance where the world is challenged to bring a woman to orgasm. The project uses a combination of sex toys, mobile technology,social networking, and an audience of potentially millions to evoke sexual climax in the female performer. Streamed on live-video, harnessed in variety of remotely controlled sex toys, she challenges the world to witness and give her an orgasm. Ultimately, the result will be determined by the number of participants, how well participants can work together, and with what accuracy they can control the toys attached to the performer’s body. The interactions among participants will be serendipitous and as much a part of the performance as her ultimate response.

Performing a long-distance global sexual act abstracts the body and technology equally, uncoupling action with the consequence of that action. This gap builds tension and desire between the person who is demanding satisfaction and the one trying to succeed in giving that satisfaction, becoming the burning fuel of the event. Here the performer’s body is the catalyst of a shareddesire, while the social interactions among participants is the vehicle of a sublime global experience. To succeed, the network of participants will have to coordinate inputs among themselves.

One Response to “Global Orgasm Project”
  1. This is all very confusing… I know of very few sex toys that can be controlled over the internet… let alone controlled by millions of people… or even large groups of people… I mean I can see a group at a time sitting in a room and controlling the vibrator on one computer and then tweeting her blackberry and causing it to vibrate… and saying do this… and giving her instructions… at the same time describing what you want her to do next and how she interprets your instructions may be different… In any case it’s not likely to last very long and I doubt we will know who is doing the controlling… not like everyone’s going to get a chance at this global orgasm… twitter will likely crash with the volume as usual and so will any other site where there are boys from 14-25! If I were her I would probably just become too uncomfortable at some of the requests and messages I am receiving and fake the orgasm to get it over with!

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