Culturebot.org is a multidisciplinary, contemporary arts + culture blog, launched in December 2003. Based in NYC we cover contemporary cultural news, events and ideas from NYC and around the world.

Culturebot was envisioned and created by founding editor Andy Horwitz. It was initially made possible from a grant to Performance Space 122 by the National Performance Network.

The original design was created with the absolutely invaluable help of Dan Rhatigan and the technological assistance of Matt Kingston.

This is Culturebot 3.1


Founder and Editor
Andy Horwitz

Current Contributors
Alyssa Alpine
Jeremy Barker
Timothy Braun (Austin, TX)
Ian Belton/Ivan Bellman
Maura Donohue
Lauren Dubowski (Philadelphia)
Mashinka Firunts
DJ McDonald
Calamity West (Chicago)

Past Contributors to Culturebot include:
Beatrice Barbareschi
Isabella Bruno
Mike Daisey
Mike Dressel
Claire Hallereau
Jeff Hnilicka
Natalie Johnsonius
Rachel Karpf
Joseph Keckler
Sarah Maxfield
Meryl Murman
Shoshana Polanco
Ellen Ratchye
Bill Roundy
Kate Ryan
Risa Shoup
Rachel Shukert
Ryan Tracy
Elizabeth Zimmer

and more…

Due to a technical error when moving servers, the original article/author assignments have been erased. We are working to correct that. If you have a question regarding the authorship of a specific post, please contact the editor.

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    • @MoBroRic Действия диетических средств - продолжительны, а действия лекарств - скоропреходящи. 8 hours ago
    • @CentenaryCareer Пятилетний сын полицейского, украв у отца пистолет, выиграл у своих друзей в войнушку. 14 hours ago
    • RT @griffinc95: В Грозном построят многофункциональный спортивный комплекс 1 day ago
    • А он тебя целует. Говорит, что любит. А ты мертвая сорока. Он немного странный. https://t.co/0iSIlhsYwu 2 days ago
    • RT @RockPaperInk: В Самаре в пансионате для детей-инвалидов умерла семилетняя девочка https://t.co/WSrZSnKUpm 3 days ago

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