Ivan Bellman & the Trash Queen


I am sad to report that as much as I love TQ, we have not gotten to kick it so much on the social tip this go around. She is mad busy working and I am busy being mad about not working. So when Zack Glass (the son of my ersatz fairy-godmother, JoAnne Akabooboo) informed me via JUNK MAIL e-mail he was gigging at the TRASH BAR with a band called the ROYAL SEMI QUARTET my ears pricked up (as opposed to pricking up your ears, the gay allusions of which I hope are not lost😉. These portentous signs enhanced by promises of PBR drink specials and my Auntie’s namesake pub as photo-op backdrop drew us like moths to cashmere or, in this case, yuppies to Billyburg. Best of all I was going to clock in some QT with the TQ.

Global Orgasm Project


Taking networked performance to the, ahem, next level. Maia Marinelli‘s Global Orgasm Project is a multimedia performance where the world is challenged to bring a woman to orgasm

You’ve Lost That Lovin’ Feelin’

Gary Steuer has written a thoughtful and provocative blog post on the impact of being an art worker on actually appreciating the arts.

Blogging the Creative Process, continued

Wendy Perron’s post on choreographers who blog about their process has gotten a lot of feedback – both pro and con. What do you think?

Hamlet Shut Up at FringeNYC

Normally I don’t post about the Fringe but my friend Jonas is in town from Los Angeles with his show “Hamlet Shut Up” which should be hilarious.

NY Times on Theater for One

NY Times has an interesting article on the trend of “theater for one”. Mentions Nicole Blackman, Aaron Landsman and a bunch of others. These are all theater pieces meant to be experienced by an audience of one. High-concept and immersive, intimate theater has been cropping up for years, but now in Europe it has reached … Continue reading

Blogging about Making Dances

Wendy Perron has a thoughtful blog post on the Dance Magazine website about young choreographers who blog about the process of making dances. She says: There’s an annoying new trend of blogging about the process of making a dance. I am not talking about Tere O’Connor, who writes very considered contemplations about dance making, based … Continue reading

Modeling Cultural Policy

The BadCulture blog has an interview with John Kreidler, one of the minds behind Medici’s Lever – a web based tool designed to model the dynamics of cultural policy in an urban environment. [h/t to Thomas Cott for the link]

The End of Forgetting

The New York Times has a great article by Jeffrey Rosen called “The Web Means The End of Forgetting.” What if the worst thing you’ve done is often the first thing everyone knows about you?

Submissions Open for Conflux Festival

Submissions are now open for the 7th Annual Conflux Festival (October 08-10). Click through or visit http://confluxfestival.org for details.

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