Ivan Bellman & the Trash Queen

I am sad to report that as much as I love TQ, we have not gotten to kick it so much on the social tip this go around. She is mad busy working and I am busy being mad about not working. So when Zack Glass (the son of my ersatz fairy-godmother, JoAnne Akabooboo) informed me via JUNK MAIL e-mail he was gigging at the TRASH BAR with a band called the ROYAL SEMI QUARTET my ears pricked up (as opposed to pricking up your ears, the gay allusions of which I hope are not lost ;). These portentous signs enhanced by promises of PBR drink specials and my Auntie’s namesake pub as photo-op backdrop drew us like moths to cashmere or, in this case, yuppies to Billyburg. Best of all I was going to clock in some QT with the TQ.

Summer in Art Centres 2009 – France

Going to France this summer? You might want to check this out! OUT IN THE SUN / SUMMER IN ART CENTRES 28th May – 30th September 2009 Outings in 43 contemporary art centres across France http://www.dca-art.com For its second edition, OUT IN THE SUN / SUMMER IN ART CENTRES is providing a large range of … Continue reading

Komm’N’act presents Rencontres //02

The new Komm’n’act Festival, Rencontres //02, initiated by Lou Colombani, starts next week in Marseille. It aims at providing a platform for young European artists in performing art. From their website : Is it possible to create something which is common without the other person becoming you? Fusion and contradiction of the social body This … Continue reading

Pâquerette – cult performance or mere anecdote ?

When the audience gets in the bare bright-lit rehearsal room at Le Merlan, a very legit performance venue in Marseille, Cecilia Bengolea (Argentina) et François Chaignaud (France) are sitting on the floor, leaning on one hand towards one another, wrapped in gold-thread tunics. They whisper in each other’s ears, wink at friends in the audience, … Continue reading

EU Editor

Bonjour bonjour, chers lecteurs de culturebot. Claire Hallereau, here, live from Marseille, and delighted to be joining the culturebo(a)t crew. After 10 years in New York, 7 of which were spent working with Marianne Weems and the Builders, I have passed on the flambeau to mi querida amiga, Shoshana Polanco, and am now producing Hubert Colas’ … Continue reading

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