Too Big To Fail? Forget it.

There’s a great article by Richard Florida in The Atlantic this month called “How the Crash Will Reshape America” This is an extraordinary moment and we have a choice – resist or flow. I think flow and guide and nudge and reshape are better than resisting and breaking. I keep telling people that if you … Continue reading

Culture Blogger Seeks MBA for Good Times and LTR.

So now that I’ve discovered flyover i’m starting to get addicted. my original vision for Culturebot was to have this site be a portal/aggregator for a series of regional blogs (like the Gothamist family of blogs) but I’ve never been able to get the funding to make it happen. If any out of work MBAs … Continue reading

Individuation vs. Self-Improvement

So I was thinking about the financial industry bailout and the auto industry bailout and the subcontracting of the War in Iraq to companies like Blackwater. And I was thinking about Madoff and his scam and corporations and media manipulation and box stores like Walmart eradicating competition and independent small business owners (all aided and … Continue reading

Identity, Place and Mediation

A few quick thoughts: On Mediation and Live Experience As mediated experience (mobile phones, internet, chat, Second Life) becomes normalized – how do we, as artists, address the unmediated experience? I didn’t get to see the Living Theater’s new piece but it got me thinking about the thrilling immediacy and intimacy of non-4th-wall performative engagement. … Continue reading

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