Five Questions for Christine Mladic

I practiced my Quechua with them, the kids and I took short videos of their guinea pigs, and they shared their family photos with me. That was a great day.

Five Questions for Greg Manley

Culturebot contributor DJ McDonald asks FIVE QUESTIONS of Greg Manley, Commissioner of the Circle Rules Federation and inventor of Circle Rules Football.

“Uugghh!” to the Opera: Christopher Williams unzips “Hen’s Teeth” at DNA

“Uugghh!” says the “prince” as he lands, more or less in a heap, on the stage. And then again,  “Uugghh!” Each entrance brings titters, giggles and outright laughs from the audience in the theater at Dance New Amsterdam.  But not from the six half-naked young women who continue craning their necks and torsos and cooing … Continue reading

Stretch it! Flaunt It! LaMaMa takes Tisch around the corner for fun and profundity

Stretch. And be smart about it.

Translate into Latin (Tendo, Quod operor is purpureus?), and that might become a motto for NYU Tisch School of the Arts Dance Program.

Call Me Leamhsi: Bill Shannon circumnavigates the Financial District

Bill Shannon has gone ¾ of the way around the tip of Manhattan, retracing in retrograde the route famously described by the narrator Ishmael in the opening paragraphs of Moby-Dick.  And, like his fellow traveler, he pauses to wax philosophical. Shannon perches on his crutches atop the white painted concrete platform that frames Rudolph de … Continue reading

A Midwinter’s Night Wet Dream: Fullstop’s “Foreplays” in the Galapagos, Feb. 8 – 23

“They be scared and lonely. “ So says Michael Micalizzi as the thug wannabe Mikey in Patrick Shaw’s “Mad Twitterpated,”  directed by Alexandra Bassett. He pleads this in reference to the orphaned bear cubs he has been cluster adopting over Facebook on behalf of Cliff Campbell’s character Clifford. But his observation goes far beyond its … Continue reading

Three places in the Art world – “Denim” at 80WSE

Context is king.

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